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Material guide

Ecopak EPX200


This cutting-edge material is not only incredibly durable and lightweight but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. With a C0 DWR (No Fluorocarbons), 200d face, 45° Blue CrossPly, and 70d ripstop backing, the Ecopak EPX200 is a great material choice for a backpack. Plus it comes in so many colors its hard to choose.

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Ultra grid


Ultra grid is super tough and tear-resistant fabric made from recycled nylon with a C0 DWR coating to ensure that it is both water-resistant and environmentally conscious. Used for side pockets and other parts where extra wear and tear protection might be needed. Also really good looking as an accent fabric.

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Ultra epl 200


Ultra EPL 200, the lightest and strongest fabric for all your ultralight hiking needs. 200d Ultra PE fabric is woven and laminated to recycled, waterproof RUV film, making it not only durable but also environmentally friendly. At just 119g/m2, it far exceeds the technical properties of any similar weight fabric available on Planet Earth!

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Ultra 200x


Challenge Sailcloth's upgraded ULTRA backpack laminates, which incorporate crossply and a stronger backing film for improved dimensional stability and waterproofing ability. 

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Ultra epl 400

158 g/m2

Similar to the epl 200 but double tear strength. For the best wear resistance and still 20% lighter than similar  400d fabrics this is an excellent fabric choice for a backpack. 

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Dyneema ® CT5K.18/blkwov4


 With a weight of only 104.2g/m2 and incredibly strong fibers, DCF is the ideal choice for small bags and accessories. 

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Dyneema ® CT5K.18

52.5 g/m2

I use this for pods and stuff sacks that needs a bit more abrasion resistance like food pods and stake bags.

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Dyneema ® CT2E.08

25.4 g/m2

Used for the lightest pods and stuff sacks.  

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Stretch mesh

180 g/m2

Super stretchy mesh and still very strong. Least durable for abrasion of the pocket mesh materials that I use. But the stretchiest. Similar to the ones used on a lot of Osprey packs.

Skärmavbild 2023-02-11 kl. 10.07.34.png

Ultra stretch

190 g/m2

Lightweight, durable, and tear-resistant
UltraStretch™ is a 4-way stretch mesh woven with
the highest quality fibers for performance and longevity.



78 g/m2

DTRS75, which is a 50D woven polyester with a triple ripstop laminated to 0.75 mil 100% recycled film. This material is lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly, making it the perfect choice for ultralight pack pods and stuff sacks.

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